Friends In the Dark

This is an illustration about a little girl getting lost in the dark, but finds a friend who keeps her safe. This was for a concept art class the prompt: "another world" Medium: Pencil/Photoshop

The Fluffy

This is an illustration that I did for my Biology class. Our prompt was to draw a K-9 from either a low angle or high angle shot. I chose the low.... and I chose my dog Nemo. Medium: Photoshop

The Witness

A mysterious encounter with a creature in the mountains. A drawing done for my brother. Medium: Charcoal on newsprint.

Disney Internship Tadashi & Hiro

This story moment was apart of an assignment I received at Walt disney Animation Studios Internship. The idea was to see how the two genius brothers would share a bathroom together. This images... they build a sauna Medium: marker and color pencil.

Disney Internship Tadashi & Hero

This Images was a quick sketch of Hiro and Tadashi at it again with their genius minds to create the ultimate glow in the dark toothpaste. Medium: marker, color pencil, and pencil

Adija 2D look and feel

This is a concept art piece that I created for our senior film "Adija." In this work I was exploring visually what the 2D segment of our film could look and feel like with her spray painting her effects. Medium: Photoshop

Adija Color Script

This color script is for our short film called "Adija." The idea behind this color script, was trying to show the prorogation of her parents darker tones of pinks/teals to her more colorful and imaginary world. Medium: Photoshop

This way!

This is a brain storming illustration for my sophomore 2D animation project. We had the prompt of following the drawing style of Ronald Searle, but set in the Middle Ages. Medium: Pen/Color Pencil


This is one of two illustrations that I produced for my team. We were following the style of Ronald Searle but the story had to be set in the middle ages. Thus the wizard and the explorer. Medium: Pen/color pencil

Tasty Treat Peeps: Actions

This is a page of Action poses of my peep characters in my jr. project film "Tasty Treat." I wanted to enfisize that these characters are very emotional, and silly. Medium: Pencil/Photoshop

Tasty Treat Peeps: Actions 2

This is an action poses for one of the peeps named #1. I wanted to show that he too is just as creative as the rest. Medium: Pencil/Photoshop

Home Safe

This is a drawing I did one day when I was home. I was imaging what my perfect day would be like for me. That includes my Shih-tzu Nemo and my imaginary Doberman. A nice thought to have. Medium: Sharpe/Crayon/Photoshop

Nemo and Cats

This is a drawing that I did after my dog Nemo met a cat for the first time.... He was not a happy camper. Medium: pencil/photoshop

Off to Run

This is an illustration that I made about me and my dream Doberman. I love to run so having a running buddy who is also adorable would be my perfect world. Medium: Pencil/Photoshop

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